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“I help customers find you by ensuring that your Google Maps are optimised”

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SEO/SEARCH PROBLEM:   Your business has some Google maps and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues, causing problems with customers finding or getting in contact with you.

There are many things that could be causing this situation. The challenge is finding the cause then rectifying it in the most appropriate way.

It may be as simple as tweaking a few settings in your maps or as complicated as having to overhaul every directory listing about you on the internet, or changing settings in the back end of your website.

Just to diagnose takes many hours of research.

To minimise this time and to allow you to fully grasp where your business stands in the local search and maps environment we recommend buying the digital footprint reports that we customise for your business.

In this report you get the “Citation tracker”; this gives you a full run down on all the directory listings you are in and allows you to see what they say about your business, as well as all the directories you could apply to be in.

After receiving the report a staff member will organise to have a consultation with you either by phone or in person (depending on location) to explain what it all means and how to utilise the information correctly.

This very comprehensive report package is available for a one-time investment of $395.

Digital Footprint reports $395

Citation tracker to show you all the directories online that your business shows up in

Local SEO checkup is an overview of your website and local listing standings (how you rank)

Consultation with staff member either by phone or face to face (depending on location) to explain how to utilise the information

Google Street View | Trusted - Panorama Photography

Glasshouse Example

Ki-ea Apartments

Cascade Pool & Spa

360degree Panorama Photography that is connected to Google Street View

These are Google made panoramas for “see-inside” only.  $100 per node (Minimum $300)

(Spend over $500 and the nodes are $50 each)

360 degree panorama photography with a website www.seeinside'yourbusiness'

Mercure Example

360degree Panorama Photography that highlights your business

Stills Photography

If you provide a list, each Single image is $50 each  

$220 Package Price for a series of wide angle images of your business

$995 Citation Repair

We will sort through the directory listings for you business and update NAP (Name Address, Phone) details.

(Average time to achieve this is 40 hours)